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The Chloe & Emma show - school [S1E1]

The Chloe & Emma show - school [seas0n 1 ep 1] Chloe:  Hello everybody welcome to the first The Chloe and Emma show and today we will be taking you through something called 'school' which I heard is soon reopening so student won't have to get their education through their homes and devices! Emma: Yup, instead of studying virtually such as through online meetings students will now go back to school normally like before the pandemic started. Now, to fill in more detailed about school being back offline, we brought a reliable source which happens to be our friend, right, Chloe? Chloe: Exactly! She is also our reporter about to report live from how the situation is from Hollywood Enterprise. Everybody please welcome, Lily Illinois! Lily: Hello this Lilliana Illinois reporting live from Hollywood's greatest school with my assistant Cassidy Campbell. Cassidy: Hello back there in the studio! Chloe: Hello! Emma: Hey! Lily: So things are like the usual here, there are rules

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