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T3BFF - birthday present and muffins (#03)

In case you don’t know, on August 1 st is birthday to Stefani Anderson, this girl who is smart. You can see her featured on the Lettering Newsletter Student spotlight issue one which came out July 30. Stefani and Lily are practically the same you know, they’re close friends since during elementary school where they went to the same animal lovers club together. They’re both nerds, and Lily wants to do something special for her on her birthday. So, while Lily and Chloe browse through some gift ideas, Emma and Rachel – an ambitious student with awesome and unpredictable fashion who literally dyes her hair every two weeks – are making muffins. Illinois Family Beach House Mansion “So… Where are we gonna do our research? Pinterest? Etsy? Amazon? Tumblr? Or do we just check her wish list?” Chloe asks. “What wish list? She has no wish list.” Lily replied. “But I do know a couple of stationaries she talked to me about wanting a few months ago. I’m not sure if she still wants it.” Chloe rolled

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